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About AMT

Exceeding $20,000,000 in sales for AMT's 20 years in business demonstrates how quickly a company that really strives for customer satisfaction can move to the top tier of market share.

That which we learn from our people in the field is plowed back into AMT engineering. AMT's multiple U.S. patents demonstrate our commitment to innovation. The patent for sequencing dampers, for example, allows us to offer the only true two pressure air conveyance system in the world.

Although AMT is a relatively young company its 70 employees have hundreds of combined years of experience in the container handling industry. Located just north of Denver, AMT is in a beverage technology center where there is a lot of talent to draw from. Located just east of Rocky Mountain National park and the major Colorado Ski areas it's a great place to have to come to buyoff equipment.

3920 Patton Avenue, Loveland, CO 80538
Phone: 970-612-0315 Fax: 970-612-0320
E-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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