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Air Conveyor – Plastic Bottles

AMT air conveyor systems convey PET bottles with momentum from air jets in a stainless steel deck. In addition to providing transportation, the system provides accumulation without product jamming or damage. By storing the product the air system allows process machines to operate independently. AMT's patented sequencing damper system allows for the world's only two-pressure air conveyance system.


Design Features & Options of AMT's Air Conveyor


  • Two Pressure Sequencing Damper (TPSD) technology
  • Low friction, snap-on, neck guide material eliminates joints and jams
  • Proprietary AMT high-wear material quadruples life over standard oil impregnated materials
  • Chisel shaped snap-on for bottles with tight neck-to-shoulder dimensions; available in both standard and high-wear materials
  • Snap-on material doesn't require expansive factory assistance
  • Welded steel flanges provide more strength, for up to 20 feet between supports
  • Automatic drop out gates
  • Automatic merge and divert gates, fully guided throughout, for performance and reliability. Available in multiple lane (1-6), with a servo motor option
  • Squeeze bottle stops for reliability without damage
  • 15, 10, and 7.5° inclines and declines provide clear access throughout plant
  • Manual side guides and legs for bottle size and shape flexibility
  • Air cylinder operated side guides for bottle change-over from the floor
  • Air cylinder operated neck guides for two finishes on a single track
  • HEPA filter options
  • Hand-crank adjustment module for bottle height changes at tabletop interfaces
  • Gentle Handling
  • Energy Efficiency
  • Clean / Sanitary design options

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Blower with HEPA filter

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Bolted-on Acess Door

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Air Conveyor

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Side grip bottle stop

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Auto damper

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Turn with photo eye

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Automatic switch gate

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