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Bulk Accumulation Conveyor

Preform Conveyor

  • Motor driven mat top conveyor designed to convey PET preforms. Mat top belt available in a variety of widths and styles including flame retardant.   
  • Cleated belt hopper elevators available in a variety of sizes. Also available on casters to maximize potential uses.
  • Cooling towers are available to accommodate off-line storage during the cooling process.

Bulk Bottle Storage

Bottle storage available to accommodate off-line holding during changes in sizes or colors of preforms. Bidirectional hoppers with elevator at one end to abstract bottles. Available from 5' to 40' long. Conveyor bed with two one horsepower drives, one bi-directional for more efficient bottle accumulation. Vertical silos with internal deflector plates also available. Stainless steel constructed sides with belt conveyor bed. Lexan windows offered for operator observations.

Scrambled Bottle Conveyor

Motor driven with belt or mat top chain. Used to supply bulk bottle storage unit with PET bottles acquired from air conveyor systems.

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Click here for printable preform brochure.

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