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AMT Conveyor System Controls

Robust and all-encompassing, AMT sets the standard for intuitive and reliable control over your production line. Automation, monitoring and manual adjustments are all managed from HMI (Human-Machine Interface) touchscreen terminals, giving you total access to every facet of your system.

Control Any Equipment

AMT’s versatile control systems extend to production equipment of every brand, function, and vintage. We proudly incorporate Alan Bradley Controls to put you in the driver’s seat with unmatched stability and responsiveness across all line components.

Control Without Complication

Put blowers, motors, sensors, Anysize positioners, RAD (Regulated Air Distribution) Boxes and other system machinery at your fingertips. Automated sequences and real-time modifications give you the power to drive your line to its full potential.

man controlling machine

Recipe-Based Changeovers

With AMT Controls, your finely-tuned line won’t be lost when it’s time to run a different product. Settings, including Anysize guide positions, blower speeds and automated control sequences, are easily saved and recalled with the touch of a button. Blower settings can also be adjusted as a percentage of the recipe setting, utilizing the Global Setting, allowing you to compensate for changes in temperature and humidity in your air conveyor system.

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Intuitive HMI

Easily manage every aspect of your system from a single operator console. Touchscreen picture-based navigation makes it simple to bring up settings for any component in your production line while monitoring related data and equipment. Triggers can be easily configured to create alerts for jams and product dwell.

AMT anysize set up

Automated System Monitoring

Our patented Sequencing Dampers are just one example of what AMT programming and automation can deliver. Sensor data triggers responses in blower speed and other system parameters to keep your line moving smoothly at optimal speed.

AMT programming

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