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Anysize Positioners

At the heart of AMT’s innovative adjustable conveyor guides, Anysize Positioners are where it all happens. These pneumatic actuators are simple in design, can be set to a high degree of precision, and produce repeatable results every time. Requiring only a single air line and 120 VAC drop, installing Anysize on AMT conveyors or other equipment is straightforward. Augment your production capabilities and answer the fast-paced, ever-changing demands of your customers with Anysize!

Infinite Adjustment, Unmatched Accuracy

We offer actuators in a multitude of different configurations for every application. Stroke length ranges from 20 to 150 mm, with accuracy down to 1 mm or less. Unlike the binary engage/disengage settings of other systems, the Infinite Adjust feature allows you to set the position at any point within its range, depending only on what works best for your products.

Industrial-Grade Durability

Anysize Positioners are some of the most reliable conveyor equipment available. All designs have been tested to 100,000 cycles with 100% repeatability. AMT covers all Positioners with a 5 Year/Million Cycle Warranty, but we have yet to replace a single one of over 200,000 pieces put to work since introducing Anysize in 2007.

anysize positioner

Simple Controls & Flawless Changeovers

Designed to be repositioned hundreds of thousands of times, Anysize Positioners are ideal for lines that change products daily. Global job settings are easily stored with AMT’s intuitive Control Systems and RAD (Regulated Air Distribution) Boxes, and recalled with perfect repeatability at the touch of a button.

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Custom Built for Your System

We make Anysize any way you want it! Choose the specific dimensions to suit your product range, as well as material for warehouse, washdown, explosion-proof and other applications. Your existing conveyor system can also be retrofitted with Anysize to enhance your capability to run multiple products.

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