Elevators & Transfer Devices

Every production facility is different, and every plant manager has a unique set of challenges that must be met. Our conveyor systems are custom designed to meet these needs with a wide range of Elevators, Lowerators, and equipment for executing flawless transitions between all the different components of your line.


without Complication

Maintaining control of your product through every inch of your line can be a challenge, with transitions offering opportunities for snags to occur. AMT addresses these issues with Vacuum Conveyors, Grippers, Air Tunnels and Gravity Tracks to move any type of product with efficiency in those critical points. Custom-built Transfer Devices control speed as you widen or narrow the product stream to keep your line flowing in and out of fillers, accumulators, blow molders, and more.

Fully Flexible Conveyor Solutions

Run a variety of products through Anysize-equipped Elevators, Lowerators and Transfer Devices. Fully adjustable guide rails and positioners handle multiple shapes and sizes with settings that can be saved and recalled at the touch of a button.

bottle conveyor

Gentle Product Handling

Fragile, lightweight packaging? No problem! Our revolutionary Sequencing Dampers provide the highest level of precise air control in the industry. Our conveyor lines are designed to move product quickly and efficiently without jams, scuffs or other damage.

bottle conveyor

Industrial Grade Construction

All AMT conveyors and components are built for the long haul. Our simple, robust designs incorporate heavy-gauge steel, extruded aluminum, and the most durable fasteners and components for continuous operation with minimal maintenance.

AMT elevator

Custom Built Integrations

If we don’t already have the solution for your conveyor line, we’ll invent it! Our team of innovators thrives on working within the constraints of your equipment, facility, and products to deliver custom-built fixes for every need. We often say that AMT owes its success to having a team of experts in the field and engineers in the office that listen to each other. It's this combination of book smarts and street smarts that make us stand out!


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