Anysize Dynamic Shoulder Rail

A must for enhancing the capability of any Neck Ring Air Conveyor, the Dynamic Shoulder Rail gives you the flexibility to run products of any shape and size. When properly positioned, bottles flow freely without chatter and cannot become wedged like they do with standard shoulder guides. Available for both washdown and warehouse applications.

Run any Bottle or Container

Dynamic Shoulder Rails are easily positioned, allowing precise adjustment within 1 mm or smaller. Settings are stored and recalled at the touch of a button, making changeovers easier and faster than ever.

Independent X-Y Adjustment

Fully flexible lines are possible with Anysize. Adjust your Dynamic Rail system for the width of the bottle. Meanwhile, the vertical position of the rail can be controlled to guide taller or shorter bottles.

dynamic rail system

Smooth, Jam-Free Product Flow

Achieve optimal line rate without worrying about heel and neck lock jams. A correctly-placed Shoulder Rail will save you from excessive downtime and damaged products.

shoulder rail

Upgrade Existing Conveyor Lines

Our Neck Ring Air Conveyor systems come preinstalled with Anysize Guide Rails, or you have the option to add them later. We also perform retrofits and upgrades to enhance the capabilities of your existing neck ring-style air conveyors.

shoulder rails at work

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