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AMT Mechanical Conveyor Designs

Discover the missing link in your production system, custom-engineered to solve your problems, not anybody else’s. Our deep bench of motor-driven conveyors has something to address every need, from elevation to accumulation and everything in between.

Industry-Spanning Custom Engineering

Our Mechanical Conveyors can be applied in virtually any industry, from Bottling & Beverage to Canning to Pharmaceutical and Specialty Consumer Products. Robust, simplified design delivers reliability, efficiency and performance while creating less maintenance for our clients. AMT equipment is designed to be reconfigured over and over again, often outliving their facilities and being repurposed elsewhere.


Table Top Conveyor

Designed for ease of access and seamless interfacing with production machinery, our Table Top Conveyors use 4.5” side flexing surface link to make 90 degree turns possible. Available in single or dual lane configurations with continuous motion gates, this equipment can be deployed for transitions, speed variations, and accumulation.

Mat Top Conveyor

We’ve perfected this traditional motor-driven conveyor belt design with capabilities for full or empty cases, cans, bottles or any commodity you need to move. Electrical component enclosures make washdowns easier than ever, and transfer plates are available with a self-cleaning option.

Accumulation Tables

AMT designs, builds and deploys accumulation conveyors for temporary storage of product. Configured to solve for the unique needs of your production chain, our BiDi (Bi-Directional) and FiFo (First In, First Out) designs integrate seamlessly with your system to allow independent operation of critical components.

Vacuum Conveyors

When a standard Table Top won't suffice, AMT steps it up with our offering of vacuum conveyors and devices. Elevate, invert, or simply hold steady; AMT has the expertise in all things air to keep your products moving.

Magnetic Line Control

Achieve single file motion on an absolutely straight line with perfectly centered cans. Dynamic magnetic fields move metallic objects with efficiency and precision along finely-controlled paths. Tapered field intensity at infeed and discharge transitions product flawlessly over to the next stage of production.

Custom Engineered Solutions

Our conveyor equipment isn’t mass-produced or modular. Instead, we design and build each component to order, ensuring you get exactly what you need and nothing that you don’t.

Seamless Integration

AMT mechanical conveyors couple with any and all manner of production equipment that you may already be using. Easily controllable through your global production line software, our equipment solves your problem without creating another one.

Flexible Function

Our conveyors are highly suited to repurposing in various industrial environments. Anysize adjustable guide rails can be reconfigured - or added later - for new products and new projects, allowing you to continue to find value from AMT equipment far beyond the original purpose.

Simplified Design

We believe that more is less, and by bringing that philosophy into our conveyor designs, we’re able to deliver substantial energy savings, reliable performance, space-efficient construction, and reduced maintenance for our clients.

True Industrial Construction

Our equipment stands up to the demands of a punishing production environment. With heavy-gauge steel, extruded aluminum, and industrial-grade fasteners and components, AMT conveyors are designed for continuous operation with minimal upkeep.

Everything You Need

From A Conveyor System

Gentle Product Handling

Avoid scuffs and blemishes with systems that account for every sensitive packaging requirement.

Low Maintenance

Our simplified designs are made for easy, tool-free maintenance and adjustments.

Continuous Operation

Built for 24/7 performance, with as little as two weeks/year of downtime.

Fast Changeovers

Adjustable guide rails can be repositioned with the touch of a button.

Energy & CO2 Savings

Our highly efficient systems reduce the amount of waste created and energy required for effective performance.

Run Any Shape & Size

No matter what type of product your line needs to run, AMT delivers custom engineered solutions.

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