AMT Neck Ring Air Conveyors

Take smooth, controlled product flow to new levels with our complete line of neck-guided conveyor equipment. Our proven designs are made for any combination of package layout, line speed, interfaces and environments. All switching options are available with our Neck Ring Air Conveyors, including divert and merge gates as well as multi-lane switching.

Custom Engineered for

Any Application

Our state-of-the-art designs aren’t just for bottles and beverages. Manufacturing demands have seen our Neck Ring Conveyors deployed across a growing range of applications, from syringes to batteries. Delivering precision, speed and volume for any size and shape of product, AMT has set a new standard for conveyance in the bottling, pharmaceutical, consumer and specialty products industries.

Sequencing Dampers

The last word on high-speed handling of lightweight containers. We solve the problem of steady product flow at any capacity with our patented two-pressure system. When a section of your line starts to fill up, blower speed increases to move accumulated product more quickly. Low pressure is returned when line capacity falls off and product is more widely spaced.

Straight Neck Guides

AMT guide rails are made to a degree of precision that is unmatched in any other conveyor system. Extruded aluminum construction makes it possible to achieve stiffness, straightness and levelness superior to anyone in the industry. Custom engineered to fit any production line.

Engineered Airflow

Our neck air conveyors are the ultimate in efficiency, getting the job done with half the blowers and half the support legs of competitors’ designs. Carefully engineered louvres use fluid dynamics principles to deliver precise drive, running your line with fewer moving parts. Internal plenums are free of even the smallest seam or bolt, creating smooth airflow while eliminating accumulation of dirt particles.

air conveyor sketch

Clean Design

We believe in doing more with less. That means less connection points and less moving parts, which in turn means there’s less that can go wrong. Reliability aside, AMT’s simplified designs allow your line to operate at new levels of efficiency, and also make for easier washdown. Never mass-produced, each of our neck ring air conveyors is custom engineered to fit perfectly into each unique production line.

True Industrial Grade Construction

Our conveyors have literally been the last thing standing when facilities collapsed around them in the wake of earthquakes, tornadoes and snow storms. Built with extruded aluminum and only the most reliable industrial grade fasteners and components, this is equipment that’s made for the long haul. Practically every line AMT has built since 1996 is still running today. Many have been relocated and reconfigured numerous times.

Benefits of

AMT Engineering

Smooth, Controlled Product Flow

Resulting in fewer jams and damaged bottles.

Run Any Shape & Size

With Anysize positioners & guide rails.

Fast Changeovers

Save & load project settings with the touch of a button.

Quiet Operation

Reduced noise from fewer blowers.

Energy Savings

As low as ⅓ the annual running cost of other conveyors.

Minimal Maintenance

Less than 7 days of total maintenance time per year.

AMT Neck Ring Air Conveyor

Performance Numbers


Average annual energy savings over existing lines.


Average annual CO2 emissions savings over existing lines.


horsepower per foot

The most energy efficient conveyor available.

Test AMT’s Neck Ring Conveyor on your Products

Still not sure if AMT systems are a good fit for your products? Send them to us and we’ll test them on our Neck Ring Air Conveyor track. We’ll provide you with a complete report and video of the operation. Or feel free to come visit us in Loveland, Colorado, and see firsthand how our systems are able to handle your product.

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