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Ionized Air Rinsers

With AMT, waterless sterilization and particulate removal is not only possible, it’s the preferred solution. Our high-pressure, ionized air designs outperform competing water rinsers in speed, simplicity and low-maintenance operation. Upgrade with AMT Air Rinsers to eliminate unnecessary steps and boost performance, all without sacrificing your standards.

Reliable Particulate Removal

We equip our clients to meet every requirement for safe handling of food and beverage containers produced for mass consumption. AMT rinsers are also used for complete removal of particulate matter from packaging of pharmaceuticals and sensitive products such as filters and computer components.

Waterless Rinsing

AMT Rinsers use specialty high pressure blowers for simplified, effective removal of contaminants. Ionized air neutralizes the effects of static cling that holds particles in place, while HEPA filtration ensures that no new ones enter the system before filling and sealing.

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Full Speed Function

There’s no need to slow down when running product through our Air Rinsers. Containers are inverted before blasting with high-pressure air to ensure not even the smallest particles remain, all while moving at speeds upwards of 1,800 cans per minute for a single unit, and over 3,000 for a dual rinser system.

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Passes Every Test

Exceed industry standards of cleaning for packaged food, beverages, pharmaceuticals and sensitive products. Pressures in excess of 60 inches of water ensure that your line passes Red Dye and Mouse tests, delivering consistent product safety that you can rely on.

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Customized for Your Line

Our Ionized Air Risers are built to your exact specifications, ensuring seamless integration into your production line. We design inversions, transitions and multi-lane rinser configurations to solve the unique challenges of your production needs. AMT Rinsers can also be equipped with Anysize technology to easily run different sizes and shapes of containers.

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