AMT Deck Air Conveyors

Performance, reliability, and efficiency come together in our custom-engineered Deck Air Conveyor systems, designed and built to your unique specifications. Integrate high-speed single lane and mass conveyor configurations into your line for complete control over product flow and independent operation at each stage of production.

Tuned to the Needs of

Your Products

From cans and bottles to specialty products of all shapes and sizes, AMT is constantly pushing the envelope of what’s possible. Outfitted with our Anysize guide rails and positioners, AMT air conveyors facilitate smooth, controlled flow of products while reducing jams, product damage, and downtime. Seamlessly integrating with blow molders, fillers, rinsers and other production components, our conveyor systems have set a new standard in the dairy, canning, bottling, pharmaceutical and consumer products industries.

Redefining High-Speed Can Conveyance

AMT’s single-lane Can Air clocks upwards of 3,000 cans per minute, all while maintaining smooth, controlled flow and responsiveness to fluctuating system parameters. Depending on your system’s needs, you can divert, merge, incline and decline while maintaining line rate speed.

deck air conveyor

Innovations in Plastic Bottle Conveyance

AMT has answered the needs of a changing industry that’s seeing a surge in plastic jars and bottles. The move away from glass has introduced lightweight containers of all shapes that are prone to jamming and tipping at high speeds. Our Anysize Systems address these issues with precision Side Rails and Top Guides manufactured to keep containers positioned within extremely high tolerances. Deck Air Conveyors have another advantage over traditional table top designs. With air drive louvres spaced every inch, individual bottles are pulled equally along every section of your line, rather than pushing the entire line from the back. This keeps bottles spaced out and moving smoothly at speeds exceeding 400 per minute, while eliminating shingle jams for elongated and irregular shapes.

Mass Air Conveyors & Accumulation

Allow process machines to operate independently without product jamming or damage. Accumulation tables store more product per foot, controlling line speeds so that each stage of production has exactly as much time as it needs.

mass air conveyor

Anysize Top Guides and Side Rails

Run any product with our patented solution for conveyor line versatility. Infinitely adjustable Side Rails and Top Guides are set with the touch of a button, creating the perfect fit for any shape and size of container. Settings can then be saved and recalled later for painless changeovers.


Sequencing Dampers for Can Cup Conveying

Our patented solution for smooth product flow at any speed is the only two-pressure solution on the market. Blower speed is controlled to deliver higher pressure and speed to sections where product is accumulating, avoiding jams and keeping your line moving at any capacity.

Engineered Airflow

Incorporating empirical data and fluid modeling, AMT air conveyors are designed to deliver smooth, efficient airflow at every stage of your line. Remarkably flat decks and internal plenums free of seams and bolts reduce turbulence, while custom engineered louvres and lifting holes deliver precise drive for the type of product being conveyed.

air conveyor sketch

Industrial Grade Construction

AMT equipment is built for long-term service at full capacity and continuous operation. We take no shortcuts, with extruded aluminum construction and careful selection of only the most reliable fasteners and components. True story: Our conveyors have actually been the last thing standing as buildings collapsed around them!

air conveyor carrying items

Simple, Robust Design

Efficiency and reliability are two of the most important things we strive for in our custom engineered Deck Air Conveyors, but our simplified designs have many other benefits. With less places for dirt to accumulate and sloped, water shedding angles, washdowns are quick and easy. Maintenance time is also reduced and made easier with tool-free access and less filters to change.

air conveyor in large factory


Conveyor Engineering from AMT

Gentle Product Handling

Smooth, controlled product flow at any speed.

Run Any Shape & Size

Run a wide range with Anysize positioners & guide rails.

Fast, Easy Changeovers

Touch a button to save & recall job settings.

Quiet Operation

Fewer blowers result in quieter operation.

Energy & Emission Savings

Reduce running cost & CO2 emissions by up to two thirds.

Reduced Maintenance

Less moving parts means less to wear out.

AMT Deck Air Conveyor

Performance Numbers


Average annual energy savings over existing lines.


Average annual CO2 emissions savings over existing lines.


horsepower per foot

The most energy efficient conveyor available.

Test Cans & Containers on AMT Air Conveyors

We maintain a fully flexible Deck Air Conveyor track for quick testing of your product at our Loveland, CO, facility. We’ll provide a video and written report, or you’re welcome to visit us in person and see for yourself how our equipment handles your product.

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