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Anysize Side Rails & Body Guides

No modern air conveyor system is truly complete unless it can handle multiple products without jams or time-consuming changeovers. Our Anysize Side Rails and Body Guides adjust to the width of any container or product, ensuring flawless product flow at optimal line rate. Precise, user-friendly, and maintenance-free, it’s the key to keeping your production facility agile and responsive to consumer trends.

Simple Changeover & Job Recall

Guide Rail positions can be set to an accuracy of 1 mm or smaller to fully dial your conveyor line for any given product. Settings can then be stored and recalled with the touch of a button, giving you the power to run different products at a moment’s notice.

Precise, Clean, Sturdy Designs

Extruded aluminum construction delivers industry-leading stiffness and straightness for reliable results. Anysize Positioners are built to be adjusted up to a million times with no loss of accuracy or need for maintenance. All Guide Rails are available in warehouse and washdown duty.

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Multiple-Axis Adjustment

Positioners can be set to control both the width between Guide Rails as well as their vertical position, providing guidance for containers of varying height. Left and right side Guide Rails can be zoned independently, giving you even more control over product positioning on your conveyor line.


Automatic Reset

If Anysize Guide Rails are blocked from moving, they simply spring back into position. Blockages can cause competitors’ positioners to go out of calibration, at which point they must be retaught or even replaced. With Anysize Systems, there is no need to reset or recalibrate, just remove the blockage and resume production.

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