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Cooling Tunnels

Solidify freshly formed containers as they move from blow molder to filler at full speed. Our fully customizable tunnels deliver the cooling power you’re looking for to gently handle vulnerable PET bottles, protecting them from scuffs and deformation.

What it needs to do,

where it needs to be

AMT builds your Cooling Tunnel around conveyor sections of any design, including Deck Air and Neck Ring tracks, giving you the flexibility to solve your cooling needs in the simplest way possible, without having to sacrifice line performance.

Fast & Efficient

There is no need for additional handling with our conveyor cooling systems. Containers simply pass through the section where a lower air temperature is maintained, giving them just enough time to shed heat and harden into their final shape.

Simplified Design

AMT Cooling Tunnels simplifying both structure and control in your conveyor system. Powered heat exchanger units are employed to deliver cold air in much the same way as a residential air conditioner, and can be managed using our intuitive touch screen controls.

Fully Adjustable

Nozzles within our Cooling Tunnels are easily positioned by hand to deliver cool air where it’s needed. Temperature deltas can also be adjusted for each heat exchanger by adjusting chilled water flow, allowing you to cool a range of products which differ in their configuration and composition.

Custom Engineered for your Cooling Needs

Every production line is different, and the amount of cooling power you need depends on a lot of factors. Our Cooling Tunnels aren’t a one-size solution, they are made to integrate with the unique conveyor systems of each client.

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